Want to find the missing piece of your puzzle? Are you a successful person who yearns to develop more and maximize what’s important to you?

Transform with Monica.

Yes, it’s about achieving more. But above all, it’s about supporting you in developing the self-awareness to shine.

Happiness is a choice. I guide individuals to regain their perspective of a balanced lifestyle.

I will help you move from a life that is focused on doing towards an ownership mindset. Then you can decide how you want to live and how to make that happen. It’s a mindset that will improve your personal and professional experiences.

Our transformative programs let you take back control.

The 7 ‘Hs’ of self mastery

This program is your ultimate guide to go from a lack of clarity, mediocrity, and poor direction toward decisiveness, action, and self-love.

The program includes:

Emotional intelligence assessment
1-on-1 coaching programs
Access to online toolkits and models

Areas it covers:
  • Head
  • Habits
  • Health
  • Hard work
  • Heart
  • Heroics
  • Hours
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It starts with you!

Your ability to change relies on your own power, actions, and beliefs. By understanding what makes you tick, you can design the life YOU want. I know this shift isn’t always easy. So, this program is for anyone struggling to take that first step. Seek opportunities, step into growth, and carve your path to possibilities. Stop doing what you SHOULD be doing – do what you WANT to do.

The program includes:

Emotional intelligence assessmentbr
Profile Xt assessmentbr
1-on-1 coaching programsbr
Access to online toolkits and models

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