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Everyone can live a meaningful life where they’re personally and professionally fulfilled. We all have the power to create our beautiful reality, but sometimes, we need extra support to get there.
The daily demands can be exhausting and it’s easy to lose perspective. I have made it my mission to help organizations and employees discover their motivations beyond making money and embrace their true purpose. Taking over 20+ years of experience in corporate and personal development, we can create a life you love for the long-term.

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What I’ve learned

Being a part of the corporate culture for over 20 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most supportive teams across various industries. But I’ve also experienced frustration and disillusionment from unhealthy, toxic behaviors. Too many staff are overworked, under-appreciated, and burnt out. While progressing in my career, I saw something significant was missing; people needed more than a to-do list and a salary. There was a staggering lack of self-awareness and compassion despite everyone craving understanding. I once heard a leader publicly humiliate a colleague with a barrage of words. These events are common – they are also unacceptable, unproductive, and need better handling.

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Stressed-out bosses take it out on their staff

I remember being told by a senior leader at 11 pm to “eat up as it was going to be a long night” and it sure was. When a leader lacks emotional intelligence, the ripple effect of negative vibes impacts everyone. Most people aren’t deliberately mean or aggressive. These behaviors arise out of insecurity and trickle down. During my years working in people development, coaching, and training, I learned that change lies within individuals. They must understand themselves, practice self-care and self-compassion, and then apply the same principles to their interactions. I have used these experiences to create frameworks that support organizations, and help people to think differently, be more mindful, and be heart-focused.

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Your future depends on the decisions you make today. It’s up to you whether you prosper or struggle. As an individual, you know what comes with unnecessary stress on your mind and body. And as a boss, there are countless examples of its negative consequences on company performance.

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