Money doesn’t drive today’s employees.

So, how can you keep staff motivated and engaged?

Salary is no longer an attractive incentive. Employees want more, which is why employers are now being judged on the overall organizational outlook. DNA and culture matter more than ever. Negative workplace culture often causes low morale, higher turnover, and poor performance, plus overworked, stressed-out management.

As a Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Expert, I empower leaders to build a positive, purposeful culture where people come first.

Helping you lead with Compassion

Endless targets mean employees are treated as just another expense on the balance sheet. I transform organizations from one built around numbers to somewhere that prioritizes human connection.
Our programs are tailored to your needs, enabling individuals and teams to overcome challenges, break through limiting beliefs, and discover their most authentic selves. They also help corporations embrace diversity, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness by offering step-by-step guidelines to facilitate the transformation.


Our insights and toolkits help you foster a diverse and inclusive workplace, from hiring to building an environment that promotes unique perspectives.


Leaders and employees learn how to maintain a supportive environment for each team member by recognizing and understanding employees’ needs and work-life balance, and encouraging generosity.

Emotional Intelligence

Our resources help employees develop emotional intelligence as a skill, and practice it through empathy, self-awareness, and communication.


Our programs assist employees with practicing mindfulness techniques, such as meditation and deep breathing, to reduce stress, increase focus, and improve overall well-being.

You can expect a more fulfilling, purpose- driven work environment where everyone is empowered.
Leaders will learn to be more focused in high-pressure situations, facilitating better decision-making. Teams will learn to work together more collaboratively, tapping into a wider range of perspectives.

Overall, the transformation can lead to greater job satisfaction, increased employee retention, and a more productive work environment.

The heartfelt organization

The Heartfelt Organization focuses on prioritizing people, which drives productivity and growth. Studies show that when employees feel valued, rewarded, and supported, they will give more than is required to their employers. Simply put, people want to be treated as people; as humans, and not just a number.

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Change is about people

Most projects fail because companies forget that change is about people. As change agents with decades of experience, we’re sure that people need to be taken on the journey for change initiatives to be successful. Keeping people informed, recruiting staff ambassadors, and securing buy-in are essential. By attending these face-to-face workshops, you will gain insights into the project world and learn techniques that can be used to take staff on a journey they want to embrace.

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Diversity for real

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are non-negotiable. Whether driven by ESG regulatory changes or leadership realizing their importance, diversity requirements are real. When the workforce is diverse, companies “are 35% more likely to experience greater financial returns than their respective non-diverse counterparts.” Forbes A DE&I strategy must be holistic and applied to all areas of an organization. If individuals are unclear about what it means to represent and recognize diversity, they can be coached to build awareness. Our face-to-face workshops improve understanding and provide hands-on methods which individuals and departments can implement.

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The role of emotional intelligence in the workplace

“Emotional intelligence (EI) involves a set of skills that help us perceive, understand, express, reason with, and manage emotions, both within ourselves and others” (Genos) Emotional intelligence isn’t just about how we keep ourselves in check to avoid negatively impacting others; it is also about our own emotions and how we deal with our feelings. A report by Capgemini found that emotional intelligence is a fundamental skill for the future. Leaders are more stressed than ever, and this can manifest in unwanted ways, including negative responses, lack of self-care, and reduced morale. Emotional intelligence cultivates different ways of thinking about ourselves and others. In this workshop, we delve into the brain’s science, emotional intelligence’s role in reducing stress, and the power of self-awareness.

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Leadership workshops


Compassionate leadership

"Compassionate Leaders use their influence to positively impact themselves, others, and the planet." Often when we use words such as "love" or "heart-led" at work, people are skeptical because love isn’t seen as a relevant work emotion. However, love is critical for a compassionate leader. It is about demonstrating that you care by checking in, giving space, acknowledging contributions, and sharing your energy for everyone’s benefit. "Compassionate Leaders create safe environments where their teams are encouraged to practice self-compassion, vulnerability, and compassion for others. This approach has improved productivity, employee morale, and retention." Today’s workplace demands a new type of leadership. This face-to-face workshop raises awareness and provides hands-on methods, which can be implemented by individuals and departments.

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Exploring emotional intelligence

Organizations recognize that they must invest in their people and provide greater well-being support. Research shows that the benefits to leaders and employees are profound when we learn and apply emotional intelligence. Capgemini’s report on Emotional Intelligence stated that due to the rise in AI, emotional intelligence will become a core skill for the future. By learning about how our emotions and brains are impacted during stressful situations, and how emotional intelligence can help, you can apply new ways of reacting and behaving. During this workshop, we will explore the science of emotions, learn about the core components of emotional intelligence, and understand key steps to take. These face-to-face workshops raise awareness and provide hands-on methods, which can be implemented by individuals and departments.

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Mindful management - Applying Empathic-R

Mindful living focuses on awareness. Mindful management stems from this philosophy and integrates a sense of greater awareness among managers and leaders in their conduct and interactions.

The first step is usually slowing down to notice that things are not right or need to change.

Using our own proprietary methodology – EMPATHIC-R - we look at the various elements of mindful management to create the Heart-Felt Organization. From building empathy to cultural awareness, is based on respected research and studies. Know more about EMPATHIC-R

These face-to-face workshops increase awareness and provide practical methods which can be implemented by individuals and departments. Participants will understand the core elements of EMPATHIC-R and be prepared to implement them immediately.

Components include:

GENOS Emotional Intelligence assessment

a world-class assessment used to understand someone’s levels of Emotional Intelligence. Upon completion, the participants receive a detailed report and a toolkit to implement changes

Profile XT

Profile XT® is a multi-purpose, total-person employee assessment used for pre-employment screening, selection, development, training, managing, and succession planning.

360-degree feedback

we gather insights from your people through discussions and surveys and feed back the findings with a proactive action plan through coaching and training.

Talks on topics ranging from
  • Delivering difficult messages
  • How to cultivate emotional intelligence
  • How mindfulness can change organizations
  • Mindful management in action

Words from some amazing clients

”An incredible corporate coaching experience that enables you to decipher between what is a distraction and what really requires deep introspection. This is how Monica empowers you to position yourself as the CEO of your life and an effective leader in your organization, and supports you to strategize your next steps.”

– Dr. H, UAE