Infusing humanity and compassion in corporate culture

The EMPATHIC-R model

The corporate evolution over the last decade has been intense. Employees are expected to go above and beyond to carry out their jobs.

Ultimately leading to burn-out and stress.

Outside of work, these individuals are frustrated, depressed, and lack the desire to enjoy life. A cultural shift is needed. It’s time to look into the core elements of human experiences.

Your organization can benefit!

I created the EMPATHIC-R MODEL, a 9-step intensive blueprint enabling corporate cultures to be more people-centric and maximize their productivity.

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This transformation methodology is for all organizations that want to create a culture where everyone is better equipped to communicate and manage emotions and behaviors. If you respect the significance of your team’s efforts, you’d always look for ways to make them feel appreciated. Once you understand what they truly need, you’ll look no further. EMPATHIC-R takes you through a step-by-step journey of personal development that results in:

  • Better awareness of your culture’s demands.
  • Ways to practice tolerance within your organization.
  • A keen understanding of emotional intelligence and how to help your employees practice it.

What does it include


Understand your team’s perspective better and collaborate with them smarter.


Adjust and adapt your mindset to handle changing situations.


Define a personalized purpose for you and your team to perform at their best.


Recognize and appreciate differences, giving every team member the confidence to unlock their potential.


Maintain mutual respect and allow everyone to flourish when you have employees from diverse backgrounds.


Bridge the gaps between employees through communication and feedback and give everyone the tools to take responsibility.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional stability differentiates great companies from their competitors when staff can overcome tough situations.

Cultural Awareness

Understand the business’s cultural needs and allow everyone to appreciate each other’s needs and values.


Healthy relationships are the cornerstone of a successful organization. Our guide shows you to navigate a successful path.